Expired Film and a Foggy Day

Last month we had a bit of a “warm” spell around here and after a long winter it was nice to get few days above freezing. The swing from subzero to mid 30s meant one thing: heavy fog. Seemed like a good excuse to get out of the house and do some street shooting!

Sticking to my film challenge, I reached for the Nikon N2020. For the lens I grabbed my 35mm f/2D. This lens has been my favorite for doing stuff like this. I find the field of view works well, it has close focus that borders on macro, and it’s f/2 to boot! My film stash is sparse for color, so my options were limited. I wasn’t quite sure how well the fog would photograph and didn’t want to waste a roll of Ektar. So, I ended up grabbing a roll of expired Fujifilm Superia 400. It’s been expired for a while (5+ years) so I shot it at ISO 100. Superia is a film that usually responds well to over exposure, so I figured with its age, 2 stops would probably be a safe bet.

With the camera loaded, I headed downtown. I have been photographing the downtown district in Cedar Rapids for years, and it’s still my go-to spot when I’m trying something new. The fog gave the day a certain mood. I think the results turned out pretty good!