Grey Area 2018, Day One

Honeycreeper playing at Grey Area 2018 at Flat Black Studios near Iowa City

The last few days have been exhausting, but so much fun! Over the weekend, I shot my 3rd music festival of the year and it was by far the best. I spent this past Friday and Saturday out in Lone Tree at Flat Black Studios for the Grey Area Music Festival. In their second year, Grey Area is a festival organized by Flat Black Studios to support local music in Iowa and feature bands that have recorded projects at their studio. This festival features everything from Americana and blues to rock and metal.

Jenny Lynn Stacy and the Dirty Roosters


Otros Outros

Dead Emperors 

The Spider Magnets



Soul Sherpa

Ben Driscoll

Paul Cary

Hallways of Always

Better Americans

Closet Witch