7 Minutes ’till Midnight, Dead Emperors, Kali Masi, and Hot Room

Kali Masi playing at Gabe's in Iowa City

Shooting this gig was a little different. I recently gotten a smaller camera, just something that was easy to always have with me. The camera is a Sony RX100 Mk III. I’ve been happy with for an ‘everyday carry’ cam, but I was curious how it would hold up shooting a show. So, for this gig i decide to forego my normal rig and just take the RX100. I have to say I am impressed with what it’s capable of. It’s not a replacement for my DSLR rig by any stretch, but it does offer me a nice alternative for less serious shoots. I’ll do a full write up on it in a few months after a get some more time with it. For now, here’s how it did.

7 Minutes ’till Midnight

Dead Emperors

Kali Masi

Hot Room